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Joanne Walker People Director

"The Russell Partnership has worked with several teams across our business, including our Leadership Team, and been a huge hit. Their approach is transformative; They get teams to dig deep below the surface, so then they can truly climb mountains together. Thanks for a brilliant job!"

Samir Desai CEO Funding Circle

Funding Circle and I have worked with The Russell Partnership since 2013. Terry himself has supported us as a leadership coach for my team and separately for myself. Terry is by far the best coach I have worked with. With respect to my leadership team he connected very well with the team, helped prepare us for an IPO of the business and brought a number of innovative frameworks to bear to stimulate honest and open conversations - in particular our afternoon strategy sessions were always better having done leadership coaching with Terry in the mornings. We have also used Terry for wider global leadership offsites (global team of ~60 people) which were invaluable for team building and fostering trust and strong working relationships between colleagues separated by geography/timezones. For personal coaching, Terry uses a number of techniques to allow and force you to confront difficult issues, and then clear actionable suggestions to be able to find a path through. I have found it incredibly useful to be able to discuss a wide range of issues with him, acting as a sounding board outside of advisors or those in business. Terry brings a sense of perspective but uniquely among coaches, is also not afraid to deliver honest, tough messages and feedback if needed. I highly recommend Terry and his team for any founders, company CEOs or executive teams.

Zillah Byng-Thorne CEO Future

Over the last 5 years Terry has supported the Future leadership team as our team coach, helping us work out how to navigate our relationships beyond the task, to ensure that as our business grew rapidly we had the confidence to support and challenge each other to be the best team we could for the business. Working with a range of tools, from climbing the 3 peaks together to working on the Leadership Circle, The Russell Partnerships facilitation support has helped us establish a framework for the type of leadership the organisation needed, maturing in our thinking as our relationship deepened. Their leadership helped us accelerate our team dynamics as new members joined, while honouring the previous team members and have been an invaluable part of the Future story as it has grown to be the business it is.

Tom Blomfield Founder

The Russell Partnership came in and helped us transform our sales arm. Their wealth of experience in recruiting, training & measuring sales teams has helped us double-down on growth.

Dominic Jacquesson VP Talent, Index Ventures

Terry is my go-to partner for executive coaching. I've now worked with him for eight years. Over that time, he has coached executives and teams across many companies in the Index portfolio - including a few that have gone on to become household names. The feedback from founders and CEOs has been overwhelmingly positive, and the impact The Russell Partnership had had has been terrific.

Daniela Argirova Regional HR Director

Successful professionals tend to be demanding and are quick to spot weakness in any argument. Terry and his team demonstrated high level of intellectual credibility and well-developed cultural sensitivity, instrumental to the success of our development initiatives. We have worked with The Russell Partnership since 2014. The programs designed for us had a significant beneficial impact on the cultural development of the organization. It helped increase the level of professionalism across various levels of R&D function.

David Butress CEO

We have worked with The Russell Partnership over a number of years now, both at an operational level and at a strategic level, and truly value the insight, development and improvement he has made in the business over that period.

From stepping into the business on an interim management basis, through to designing, implementing and delivering bespoke training courses to fit with our company culture, values and needs, their company has delivered to the highest standard. We feel we have a solid business partnership built upon trust, respect and a deep-rooted understanding of our core business which has been established over time and will continue to develop.

Phil Laney Founder and CEO

As founder and CEO of a VC backed startup, personal and professional growth are my top priority. Terry has been fundamental in helping me identify limiting behaviour patterns and beliefs, and I have become substantially more effective as a result. I strongly recommend working with Terry.

Jason Hurwood Commercial Director

Terry, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for providing such great support in our work to develop our trusted advisor and trusted leader proposition. We have seen this have an incredibly positive impact on our people, the key to this in my opinion has been the high quality of material delivered by such highly engaging and skilled trainers. Your team have real credibility with my managers and advisors alike, and that has really helped deliver a compelling and enjoyable learning programme.

James Turford Chief Operating Officer

Terry has a rare combination of qualities which he has used to add a huge amount of value to me and other managers at Nested. He brings a blend of broad experience, insightful external perspective and skilled coaching ability. In addition to best practice, he challenges convention with well-researched counterintuitive concepts. I come out of every session with an extensive list of things to think about and action. To add to all this, he's just a lovely guy.

Lindsey Dale HR Consultant, Europe

The Russell Partnership came very highly recommended to Outbrain and I'm delighted to say that they have lived up to expectations. They have completed a couple of pieces of work for Outbrain, including conducting a "deep dive" into the sales team and processes, which Terry delivered personally in an efficient and sensitive manner and the design and delivery of management training for all of Outbrain's people managers across Europe. The team assigned to deliver and facilitate the training received amazing feedback and provided a memorable and long lasting learning intervention. The inclusion of actor/coaches was particularly effective at bringing the learning to life.

Chloe Foden Chief of Staff

If you’re working with Terry, then you’re in extraordinary company. He found the balance with our team seamlessly and managed to build rapport from pretty much the get go. He orchestrated trust building and has left us in a much better (and personally closer) way than he found us. His commercial insight and his ability to distil issues, challenge and help us focus on what’s important will be truly impactful in our growth agenda. Added bonus that he’s fun to have around the dinner table too. Highly recommend!

Ed Williams Managing Director, rightmove.co.uk

I have always found working with Terry and his team exciting and challenging – and definitely not for the faint hearted. But having worked with them over ten years in a range of situations there is absolutely nothing formulaic about their approach as there so often is with trainers or motivational team builders. They bring the complete toolkit to the job. Maybe one of the biggest tributes to The Russell Partnership has been the fact that in recent months they have been working with us on the building of a new management team, the result of a recent growth in the number of senior managers we need as the business grows rapidly. The person responsible for asking Terry to help him in doing this was not one of the original Rightmove management team. In this way Terry and his team have done what few coaches and management development experts do, which is to be someone that is trusted and respected across an organisation rather than simply benefiting from the internal sponsorship of one senior executive.

Gerard Grech Chief Executive

Terry has the innate and quick ability to get to the heart of what matters in people and their leadership needs, and how it relates to company culture, values and strategy. He challenged my exec and wider teams through targeted exercises and feedback sessions, making us realise how much more we can give in reaching our full potential and overall company performance. All this, as well as being an absolute pleasure to work with. You would be lucky to get him.

Angela Toghill Director of Learning & Development YOPA

I've known Terry for around 8 years, and during this time he has definitely become one of my most trusted 'go-to contacts’ when I need external support to drive organisational effectiveness. His teams’ expertise in senior leadership development, high performing team development, and sales capability effectiveness is superb. Terry uses many different approaches - his facilitation skills and 1:1 coaching skills are exceptional - he brings a wealth of knowledge and an appropriate level of challenge to really stretch individuals into ‘peak performance’ He is authentic, fuelled by purpose and an expert in helping organisations get to the root cause of issues. He takes the time to really understands the needs of the business and always ensures that the solutions he provides are perfectly geared to drive the desired outcomes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Russell Partnership, and I look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.


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